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Cherating is situated on the east-coast of West-Malaysia. The nearest city is Kuantan, which lies 40 km. south from the woderfull fisher village "Kampung Cherating Lama", thats how the local Malay's call their lovely village.

The newly built highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan will be ready by July 2004. By car it will take you through the highway around 2-3 hours to reach Cherating. After Kuantan you will need to follow the direction towards Kuala Terengganu and 40km after Kuantan you will see singboards indicating that you have entered the area of Chearting.

By Air, Malaysia Airline Systems offers around 7 to 8 flights daily to Kuantan. From the Airport you will be able to take a Taxi Limousine to Cherating.

Public Transports are available from any major town in West-Malaysia to Kuantan, Cherating or the closest Town called Kemaman which is situated 10Km north from Cherating.